1) If you’re going to order 1 week before the actual event, the rates might fluctuate depending on the price of meat. We will make sure that you are aware of this change if happen after you have placed your order.

2) You have to pay us 25% of the total price once you have placed your order, otherwise, your order might be canceled.

3) It is necessary to cancel your order 24 hours before the delivery, otherwise, the order cannot be canceled and you have to pay the full amount of the order.

4) Delivery charges may vary depending on the shipping address and caterer location. Once you have placed your order we will let you know about the delivery charges.

5) You have to pay the Remaining 75% Amount at the time of delivery. No delays in payment shall be accepted and strictly against policy.

6) We’ll be available 24/7 to listen to the complaints of the customer regarding any caterer or food issues. Even though Deghjee provides a bridge between you and the caterer and all the responsibility of food quality and quantity depends on the caterer.